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The top 6 mistakes young drivers make

The top 6 mistakes young drivers make

Young people are hardly known for their wise decision making skills, and this is nowhere more apparent than in some of the decisions they make while driving. Because of the unsafe habits of youngest drivers, young drivers have higher insurance premiums that older drivers. Parents can increase the safety of their young drivers by cautioning them against common poor driving mistakes that many young people make.

The top 6 common driving mistakes that young drivers make are listed below: Too many distractions Teen drivers are known for how many activities they try to cram into the same moment. Yong drivers may try to eat, text, change the radio station, talk to friends, and look at a map; all while driving. This extremely unsafe trend is responsible for many of the common accidents that young drivers get into every day. Caution young drivers to concentrate on one activity at a time.

Risky behavior Younger drivers have less respect for their mortality than older people. This leads to trends of risky behavior that cause problems on the road. Young drivers are more likely to tailgate, swerve in and out of traffic, speed through yellow or red lights, and make sudden merge decisions on the road. Some young drivers may even ignore basic traffic laws and drive without a seatbelt.

Speeding Speeding is not just a problem for young drivers, but it is a fact that more young drivers speed than older drivers. The thrill of traveling fast often causes younger drivers to drive as fast as possible without regard for traffic laws. This can lead to a higher number of accidents on the road as well as many tickets for young drivers

. Overcrowding Young drivers love to drive around with friends, which while fun, is also highly distracting to the driver. In addition to distracting the driver, crowding too many people in the car is dangerous on its own. Legally, there should only be as many passengers as there are seat belts in the car. Some states also have laws about how many people can drive with people under a certain age. These laws help keep young drivers safer on the road. Driving under the influence Some young drivers see no problem driving while intoxicated. Some even claim to drive better while drunk.

This reckless attitude toward drinking and driving is highly dangerous, and can lead to the death of the driver, passengers, or other drivers on the road. Poor emergency skills Most young drivers are unprepared to handle unsafe driving conditions, including fog, ice, snow, heavy rain, or equipment failure. Teaching young drivers how to handle emergencies will help keep them and other drivers safer on the road. These common problems face young drivers and old drivers alike, but are much more common in younger drivers. Educating young drivers on safe driving practices is one of the best ways to keep them and other drivers safe on the road for today and the rest of their lives.

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