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Most Popular Company Cars for 2013

Most Popular Company Cars for 2013

If your business is looking to expand its fleet of vehicles this year, but you’re a little unsure where to start, this guide will fill you in on some of the most popular company cars currently on the market today. Hopefully this should give you some great ideas and make your life that little bit easier. Alternatively, many businesses opt for leasing with specialists like as this can save a considerable amount of capital in the long run.

BMW 3 Series Image Source Like most other years, this year BMW hits the top of our list. The new 3 series have proven to be an exciting choice for many business owners, as its incredibly comfortable yet sleek design really helps to portray companies in a positive light. With a top speed of 240 km per hour, it’s easy to see why so many long distance travelers opt for this model, as it’s perfect for those long days spent going up and down the motorway.

Valhalla Amperage Sources a hybrid model, the new Valhalla Ampere is perfect for any business looking to save on fuel costs, whilst also ensuring their employees travel in style. With a top speed of only 161 km per hour, this car is considerably slower than the BMW, but if most of your journeys are around cities and built up areas, this model is seriously worthy of your consideration.

Range Rover Magniloquence Source for those who place the importance of comfort, style, and safety above all else, the new Range Rover Equate would be a fantastic edition to your business fleet. As the most fuel efficient Range Rover on the market today, it is unsurprising to see it boast considerable sales so far in 2013. With a 2.2-liter diesel engine and enough gadgets to keep even the inspector happy, this coupe SUV is definitely worth looking into.

Jaguar Image Sources always, Jaguar manage to sneak almost unnoticed, into this list. Their new JX model has sold over 50,000 units so far this year, making it one of the bestselling company cars around today. With trademark Jaguar interior and a top speed of around 270 km per hour, it’s easy to see why so many CEO’s and high level management types are opting to give this model some serious consideration.

Ford Focus Image Source for small business users, and those on a budget, you really can’t go far wrong with the trusted Ford Focus. After suffering from stagnated sales over the last couple of years, this model is truly back with a vengeance. With a top speed of around 259 km per hour, this car really isn’t to be sniffed at.

 Perfect for both motorway and intercity travel, and with a very competitive price tag, it looks like we may be seeing many more of these around in 2013.So there you have it my friends, an admittedly short, but incredibly “to the point” guide to some of the most popular choices for company cars this year.

I hope you find something that tickles your fancy!

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