Sat. Sep 21st, 2019
How Private Plates Can Help Your Car Go Further

How Private Plates Can Help Your Car Go Further

Many people these days are opting for more economical cars due to the price of petrol continually being on the rise. However, some of the more cunning drivers are taking advantage of the low prices that the slightly older prestige cars are selling for, and by giving them an LPG conversion seeing them compete with new low mpg cars such as the Smart.

To explain the above thinking… you will more than likely be able to pick up a six or seven-year-old Jaguar for around £2,000 add to this the cost of an LPG conversion for around another £2,000 and you have suddenly got yourself a 2.0-liter prestige car with all the add-ons you’ve ever wanted which can compete with the likes of a Smart Car in terms of fuel efficiency.

The one put off here is the vehicles age; however, there is a very simple solution to this and that is to obtain a private number plate. This will allow you to hide the vehicle’s age giving the impression the car is relatively new. Car registration websites have easy to use registration checkers, where all you have to do is enter a number plate idea and see what permutations are available.

Some people that started by buying a number plate have now started trading them as they can be very lucrative. Some high flyers will pay millions to have their expensive cars finished off with a personalized number plate. Below is a list of the top five most expensive plates to have been sold:1)    VIP 1 – this plate has had some very famous owners including Pope John Paul II and current Chelsea owner Roman Baranovichi.

It’s asking price was a cool £285,000.2)    M1 – Mike Macomb former owner of mobile phone chain Cell net owns this plate. Mike sold his stores to BT and was obviously left with a bit of spare cash so decided to blow £330,000 on this number plate.3)    F1 – this plate was bought by West Yorkshire entrepreneur Afzal Kahn who said he got a deal on it when he paid £440,000 back in 2008.4)    5 – this single digit number plate was bought by Tall Ali Mohammed Khiry for a massive £3.5 million.

Now having spent that much he must have a huge affinity with the number 5, When asked he said the number 5 meant nothing to him!5)    1 – now this single digit number plate 1 is obviously going to be worth a lot of money. However, the owner of this paid more for it than some small companies turn over in five years. He spent an incredible £7 million pounds on this number plate at an auction in Dubai. This article was written by Simon Hoffman about personalized number plates on behalf of British car registrations

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