Sat. Sep 21st, 2019
Geeky Car Molds

Geeky Car Molds

Geeky Car Molds If you’re a kid who grew up watching movies like Star Wars, back to The Future, watched the old Adam West Batman TV show, and spent your time playing with Hot wheels or Matchboxes, and then surely, you have also spent time dreaming about how awesome it would be to be driving a car like that down the street and getting looks from passers-by. Here are a few cars made with some of the greatest geeky car molds and mods that will definitely turn heads of car aficionados and pop-culture geeks alike.

Pac-Man Car Straight out of an ’80s arcade machine, this easily recognizable car will definitely attract a lot of looks with the iconic bright-yellow Mr. Pac-man body. With an engine like that, you definitely will not be caught by ghosts any time soon! Luke Skywalker’s LandspeederFueling at a gas station far, far away is a replica of Luke Skywalker’s Land speeder from Star Wars IV. Yes, the Star Wars geeks have done it. Guided by the force, they have replicated the ancient technology from Tattooing, making it run on gasoline and burn rubber on the streets of the earth. We don’t recommend you try doing the Jedi Mind Trick on police officers though.

1966 BatmobileHoly speeding tickets, Batman! Yes, it’s true! The childhood dreams of everyone who’s ever been a fan of the Dark Knight: a replica Batmobile. No, this isn’t a replica of the Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan trilogy, nor is it a copy of the quirky Tim Burton one. This is a replica of the definitive Batmobile driven by none other than Adam West in the original Batman TV series. Expect Bruce Wayne type prices to come with it.

Circuit Board Car If you were the type of kid who found joy in dismantling household electronics to gaze at the wonders of the emerald green circuits within, rejoice! Nerds like you will definitely be geeing out when you see this car roll down the street. The body of the car is covered in vintage recycled circuit boards’ Sand Crawler Caret again another example of adapted technology from Tattooing: The Sand crawlers.

 Star Wars fans will remember that this was where the beloved characters C3-PO and R2-D2 were bought by the young soon-to-be Palawan Luke Skywalker. It was also the site of his first encounter with Obi Wan. You might want to find a special parking spot for it though.

X-Wing Car Face it; you’ve always wanted to be in the cockpit of an X-Wing. Let the Star Wars geek in you rejoice! Yet again, this is another Star Wars car. Driving down the freeway on this baby will make you feel like Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star. We don’t recommend you pretending that police cars are Star Destroyers you’re trying to outrun though.

Halo Warthog Replica Kick some Covenant butt with a full-scale, completely drivable replica of the Master Chief’s Warthog! Gamers are sure to recognize this iconic car that is ever-so-commonly scattered around the Ring world.

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