Sat. Sep 21st, 2019
Gas that damages your car!

Gas that damages your car!

The gas that contains more than 10 to 15 percent ethanol will cause problems with essential components of your vehicle. This includes the system component swelling, unusual gas readings on the gauge, unnecessary engine light indicators and more potential serious damaging factors. This can lead to hefty car servicing and repair costs for the owner.

The Coordinating Research Council (CRC) carried out some tests on the gas. They proved that the Ethanol can cause some damage even to some of the most popular brands of cars. Worryingly millions of vehicles could be affected.

Back in 2001 E15 was approved for specific vehicle types. There have been claims that the gas was pushed through by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2001 without it being properly tested, according to the Coordinating Research Council (CRC). This claim has been disputed by biofuel supporters who claim that E15 has been tested more than any other. Fuels America – an organization that is committed to protect and promote fuel standards from renewable sources – is a major supporter.

The Renewable Fuel Association (RFA) accused the CRC of ensuring that their tests were not fair. Some components in the test may have been specifically chosen to portray Ethanol in a bad light and testing vehicles with fuel system problems recalled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, according to the RFA.

According to Bob Reynolds, the President of the RFA has also claimed that the CRC has been a more potent dose of E15 was used for tests, making it more dangerous to vehicles and an unfair test. CRC used this type of gas to eliminate vehicles from being tested. If vehicles were able to pass this specific test, they were then tested again with the standard type of E15 gas. If these vehicles went on to fail, they would have been labelled as not safe to use.

At the moment the CRC is in a legal dispute with EPA. They believe that the extensive use of Ethanol should be banned throughout the nation. An appeal has been lost and the case may be taken to the Supreme Court.

The latest research and claims on E15 fuel may prove to be a major barrier to plans for the widespread release of the gas. The dispute will continue with both sides containing strong arguments regarding Ethanol. This has raised awareness throughout the United States regarding the possible dangers.

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