Sat. Sep 21st, 2019

Chevrolet Beat – The Small Car with a Big Heart

Posted in Chevrolet Beat is a reliable and good looking but a small sports car in India. The Beat, coming from the band wagon of the great old General Motors, who have been famous for their classic cars drivers vouch for even today. This is one of the reasons the Beat gains its mileage from; it is a solid horse from the old stallion. This stylish and chic car exuding a sporty feel is capable of becoming a hot favorite for women and youngsters as it is small and convenient that will not cause problems with parking at all.

Specifications Being a small and medium segment car, it is offered in petrol, diesel and LPG options. The good news is that all of them deliver great mileage which makes it a wonderful option in today’s world of high price fuel which is making car choosing a task. In city, it offers a mileage of 14.5 KS/liter while on the highways it offers mileage as high as 18.6 KS/liter. The diesel version offers a mileage as high as 25.44 KS/liter. The pick-up of the car is fantastic. It has a 5-speed manual gearbox that touches a speed of 100 KS per hour in a mere 15 seconds.

Though small, this car comes with ample headlights in a front grille, bumpers, LED lights, and alloy wheels that give a new look vis-a-vis other cars of this segment. Comfort and luxury are two features car drivers cannot do without and hence the Beat beats all with their features of climate control which is totally automatic, digital display meters, rear view mirrors, sun visors, a clock, a tachometer and a Bluetooth MP3 music system.

Chevrolet Beat offers power-driven drive with a 1.2-liter S-TEC II machine that yields 80.5 PS, of peak power at 6200 rpm along with a 108 Nm of torque at 4400 rpm. The car has a front suspension, though the back one is Compound Link. The shock absorbers are filled with gas which enables a glibber drive for the car.

 Do not think that it doesn’t offer you safety for the affordable price. It is an absolutely safe car which offers an anti-lock braking system that cures wheels slipping. Being the small, cute and affordable car with easy city handling, General Motors provides the car in many calluslike linen beige, super red, misty lake, super red, Moroccan blue, green cocktail, caviar black and Olympic white. The colors help women and youngsters go for their choice of color and style. If you have the moolah, then you can go for an upgraded version offering power windows and power steering. The problem is that the car has no automatic gear box.

Price and Affordability the Chevrolet Beat is affordable and a good deal in terms of not only the price but its advanced features. However, it must be said that this car is mostly preferred for city travel only.  It is priced at Rest 3.5 Lakhs and can go higher with more features.

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