Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019
Cars Are Fun but Here Is Why You Should Opt to Fly!

Cars Are Fun but Here Is Why You Should Opt to Fly!

Every man grows up with a natural love for cars; some women too have more passion for these machines than men do. Cars bring out the man in you, they are machines that inspire people and can give you a massive jolt of adrenaline. They were designed to save time in travelling and moving from one place to another in the shortest time possible. However, this was before the Wright brothers discovered and modeled the airplanes and then latter companies such as Boeing and Airbus came up with machines that could traverse the continents.

There is no comparison between cars and airplanes. No matter how much fun and enjoyment you derive from driving, it cannot compare to the efficiency of the airplane. If you value your time, comfort among a myriad of other advantages, then you will choose to fly to longer distances compared to flying. Here is why.

Flying is safer than driving Many people are afraid of flying because of turbulence, hijackers, and crashes and thanks to Hollywood snakes on a plane. Granted there are many possibilities of things going wrong but accidents happen on the roads too. Car drivers have a great chance of surviving a crash more than pilots do a plane crash but they come with better advantages for the client and for the pilot. The airplane comes with better features such as autopilot which helps the pilot navigate, communication systems and other equipment that are designed to make the flight a success.

Comparing the tie taken to drive to a place and flying, you save a lot of time, in terms of hours, not even minutes. If you wanted to go to a place urgently, flying is the best option and you will arrive there comfortable and well rested. That is the joy of flying as opposed to driving where you hit every bump and sit on hard seats as you do all the work.

When driving, despite as earlier mentioned doing all the work, you need to be alert and the drive can get very uncomfortable making you tired and have sores on your body. The result is a tired mind, which cannot perform especially if you were going to a meeting. In retrospect, flying leaves you comfortable and rested because you can catch your forty winks on the plane, enjoy service from the flight attendants and entertainment from the inflight movie schedule.

Everyone has seen the feature from the car, now think about seeing the ground from the top, bird’s eye view. This is the most breathtaking thing in the world to view things in a way you have never seen them. It is even therapeutic seeing thing s from the airplane. However, it is not every one of coffee because some people get airsick and cannot get comfortable in the cabin until the plane lands.

Life is short and it demands that we do things that you do things that are not ordinary before you die. Call it a sort of bucket list if you have one you should put fling on it, not necessarily as a pilot but as a client. To experience a flight when travelling is the best thing you can have when going on vacation or to a place where you need to be in a short time.

They come in different varieties Airplanes come in different varieties just like cars, however unlike cars, you can use any type of airplane to navigate or go anywhere you would want. You cannot use a trailer to go from one place to the other but you can comfortably use the Airbus to go places you would with a helicopter and vice versa depending on your preference. You can charter a flight, which means that the airplane is like a taxi to be used exclusively by you at any time.

It also saves on fuel economy when you compare using a car to travel come distances. Compare travelling in a car over continents unlike using an airplane and you will notice that eventually despite what many people think flying is ultimately cheaper than driving.

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